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When attempting to register or complete a change of registrant on an AU domain name using a Trust ABN as your Registrant or Eligibility ID you will receive the following error:

'The provided TLD cannot be registered using trust eligibility. Please enter the registrant information of the trustee instead of the trust.'

If presented with this error, you should resubmit your order with the Trustee’s ABN/ACN instead.
You can confirm the Trustee’s ABN/ACN via the Trust Deed (Usually in the first few pages or the last few pages).
You can then confirm those ABN/ACN are still active with the ABN Lookup tool.

As part of auDA’s eligibility requirements, we must verify that the trustee is either an Australian citizen or the trustee is an Australian body corporate. This is done by utilising the Trustee’s ABN at the time of registration.


Correct Example:

For this particular example, we will assume the Trust and Trustee’s details are as per below:

ABN of Trust: 91 123 456 789
Entity Name: The Example Trust

ABN of Trustee (Company Example/ Sole Trader Example): 21 101 234 567 / 74 789 456 123
Entity Name: Trust Company Name Pty Ltd / John Citizen

Based on the details above; you will need to submit your registration with the Trustee’s ABN

Domain Name:
Registrant Name: Trust Company Name Pty Ltd / John Citizen  <-- Trustee
Registrant ID: 21 101 234 567 / 74 789 456 123  <-- Trustee ID number
Eligibility Type: Company / Sole Trader   <-- Trustee type

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