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Contacts or Sub-Accounts are a good way to give staff or third parties limited access to your services. Not only does it prevent password compromises, but you can give access to only those parts you need to. Each user manages their own login, so no password shares either.

For example;
'Accounts' can have billing access, but not technical or services. That way every invoice is duplicated directly to them, without you having to forward a statement on to staff. At the same time, it limits the back-end access so emails and websites stay secure.
'Website manager' can have hosting access. They can then access cPanel and Emails, but can be limited off the billing aspects.

Please note: Always take due care before adding anyone to your account. Ultimately, it’s an important part of your business and giving anyone access to it is your (account owner’s) responsibility.


To add/edit someone, Go to the ‘Contacts/Sub-accounts’ section under the User menu, Right Side of the toolbar.

Fill in the user fields, double check the email field!

If you only require duplicate emails to go out to them, select the email preference and ‘Save’.


If you need to grant someone account access (do this with care), Tick the configure option box and select the bits they would need.
If unsure, tick less you can always add more.

You can give them a default password, Scroll down and ‘Save’.

They will have the option to update their own password.


To remove a Contact again, Go to the ‘Contacts/Sub-accounts’ section as above.

Then from the 'Choose Contact' select the user to be deleted or edited.

Scroll down and use 'Delete Contact' or 'Save Changes'.

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