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Wildeye Portal 'Accounts' own products and services. Typically, that would be your business entity.
Each account has at least a default user, the account owner.

If you need email messages, support ticket emails or billing invoices sent to another email for example, the Contacts function is the option you are after.

user contacts

To add/edit someone, Go to the Contacts section under the User menu, Right Side of the toolbar.


If you need greater access for someone else to log into your Account with their own password and username, you are looking for a User under User Management.

account users


You can have another user on your account and then set their access permissions to only the things they need, for example cPanel access to your website via the 'View Products & Services' permission.

user permissions


A Good security approach is to assign the lowest possible permissions to an additional user in order for them to perform their tasks.

At any stage you can go through the User Management area to see all the users and adjust any permissions you need to.

adjust users


To add/edit a user, Go to the User Management section under the User menu, Right Side of the toolbar.


**Please note: Always take due care before adding anyone to your account.
Ultimately, it’s an important part of your business and giving anyone access to it is your (account owner’s) responsibility.

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