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1. After logging into the Wildeye Portal, on the Top Navigation, Go Products & Services >> My Products & Services

portal services

Alternately, click the Products & Services widget icon OR Select the hosting item directly in the 'Your Active Products' window.


2. From the My Products & Services list page, click on any row for which you need the details. Take care not to click the domain url itself.

services list

3. Now you are looking at the details page for the particular product (hosting package).

From this screen you are able to see the service details, preform a number of common tasks and also interact with the hosting server directly.

service list details

If you prefer, you can log into the hosting control panel (cPanel) instead.
This will give you fine grain access to all aspects of your hosting package, including emails.

From the left margin, you can Log into cPanel with the shortcut.
This button will redirect you to the back-end of your domain's hosting. Here you'll be able to adjust many aspects around the domain hosting, databases, DNS and also email settings.


cpanel login


4. If your really need a cPanel Password, you can create one with the 'Change Password' action link.
We strongly suggest that you consider using an FTP login instead.

**Due to the high access level into your hosting (website, dns and emails), the cPanel credentials are not displayed.
Do not use your cPanel credentials for file uploads and you certainly do not want to pass these details to anyone else.

If someone really needs a very high level of access, you could add them as a sub-user to your Wildeye Portal account instead.

At any stage if your cPanel password needs to be changed/updated, use the 'Change Password' Action link in the left margin of your Wildeye Portal service details screen, to ensure that all other portal shortcuts and functions remain linked.

services list cpanel password


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